First Step

Register and Login

Register and Login

# Please register and login to our supplier dashboard.

# This will be your supplier dashboard.

# Get familiars with this dashboard and follow the next.

Second Step

Upload your Products

Second Step

# Upload your product.

# Follow the Category list we provide.

# And follow the next.

Third Step

Selling process

Third Step

# If yor have any orders ?

# Make your product ready to delivary.

# We will send our representive.

# Our representative will deliver.

About Us

We are One of the most proficient and capable e-commerce organization in Bangladesh. We are working with e-commerce industry for a long time.During this time have faced many obstacles and setback's. Those setback's helped us to grow our business in different ways. For a while our team working about to invent some new ways to provide the e-commerce business community a new revolution.

Bangladesh is country with various possibility in e-commerce industry. But lack of proper planing makes us loser. Our team recently decided to work with wholesalers and other e-commerce companies. We are going to make a bridge in between them. Wholesalers and e-commerces both will be our working partners. Both will register to their Cutpricebd dashboard. Wholesalers will uploaded their products into Cutpricebd shop according to the category we provides. If any customers order any products we will send our representative to pick the products from wholesalers and deliver to customers with all care. Wholesalers will just make the product ready to deliver.

Get Started

Selling Procedure
If you have an order, we will send our representative to pick your product with payment. You just make your product ready. Note: The quality and features that you have provided on the product description must be similar. Otherwise, you will get your product back with our restitution and we may eliminate your account. If you need any kind of information according to our service, You can call our Hotline: 01784222255 number.

Refund Procedure If any customer want to return the products for any kind of issue like(Defected product, unmatch with the product description) he must call our Hotline: 01784222255 number within 24 hours.
Note: If The products has returned, we will try to sell the product with your concern, if we can that's fine, otherwise you must take it back.

Our Services

We will provide Supplier Dashboard.

If you are a sales partner, we will provide sales partner dashboard.

For both supplier and sales partner, we will be responsible for providing the products to the customer any where in Bangladesh.